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Writing standards

ELA Standards (1997)
1.2 Create readable documents with legible handwriting.
Evaluation and Revision
1.4 Revise original drafts to improve sequence and provide more descriptive detail.
Writing Applications
2.1 Write brief narratives based on their experiences: Move through a logical sequence of events. Describe the setting, characters, objects, and events in detail.
Written and Oral Conventions
Sentence Structure
1.1 Distinguish between complete and incomplete sentences.
1.2 Recognize and use the correct word order in written sentences.
1.3 Identify and correctly use various parts of speech, including nouns and verbs, in writing and speaking.

Common Core (2010)
Write narratives in which they recount a well-elaborated event or short sequence of events, include details to describe actions, thoughts, and feelings, use temporal words to signal event order, and provide a sense of closure.

With guidance and support from adults and peers, focus on a topic and strengthen writing as needed by revising and editing.

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