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What would you say to a second grader if you were a professional athlete? If you are a second grader, what questions do you have for the professional of your choice?

Write a letter that we can send to someone in your chosen career.
Be sure to include questions you have.

What do you need to know?
What is fun about your job?
What is difficult?

If you are a professional, write to us please

Mr. Schwanz

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  1. robert ichikawa

    I am a retired Deputy Sheriff. I worked for 28 years in various jobs.
    I worked as a warrant investigator for three years .My job at that time was to locate and arrest fugitives, much like a bounty hunter.
    I was also a bailiff in courtrooms for many years. My duties included: Security for the courtroom and all persons there ( The Judge. attorneys, court reporter, jurors etc.)
    I also escorted prisoners from the lock-up (jail area) to the courtroom.
    I worked on many important cases including the O,J, Simpson case and many others.
    I also worked as the bailiff in the city of Avalon on Catalina Island. Every Friday I would fly to Catalina in a helicopter to my job. We saw whales and dolphins many times.
    I also worked on the Redondo Beach Pier Courts. That was a fun job. It was right on the ocean!
    Other duties included anti-terrorism training. firearms instruction, including tasers and batons.
    As a deputy you must be physically fit, vigilant, and always ready for action.
    A good education in Criminal Justice is a necessity for this job.
    Some fun things I got to do.
    I worked at many GALAXY and CHIVAS soccer game.
    I worked on movies with Jamie Foxx and Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tom Sellick.
    The most difficult thing is remembering that all people should be treated with fairness and our justice system will punish people who break the laws of our land.
    Before you decide to go into law enforcement you need to ask yourself these questions
    1. Can I be fair and do my job?
    2. Will I remember all my training and do the best job that I possibly can?
    3. I need to remember to put all things in priority.


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