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What writing?

Recently I attended a training on writing for early childhood educators. It is very helpful to parents, teachers, and caregivers to understand the stages of development in writing so that they can be positive and encourage writing as a life-long process of growth. The presenter shared three key points to begin:

  1. How can we make it fun and exciting?
  2. We must be careful not to force writing activities before they are ready to write.
  3. We should have a goal of creating life-long writers.

In our TK classroom we encourage writing to be fun and creative and we don’t push too hard at this stage to make writing fit the standard forms more present in K-2nd grades. There is a big focus on building awareness, exploration, and role-play with writing. Four and Five-year-old children are beginning to come to terms with a new aspect of language, that of written symbols.  They experiment with marks on paper with the intention of communicating a message.

Here a few of the resource links from the training I attended.

More on the development of our writing program in messages to come.

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