TK TinkerSpace

Unit 4 Targets


1. RW 1.11 Know 110 common sight words

2. RW 1.5 Long and short vowel sounds

3. RW 1.10 Generate sounds for all letters

4. RC 2.2 Identify the title and author (in literature and informational text)



1. SDAP Sort objects and data.

2. SDAP 1.2 Represent and compare data.

3. NS 2.4 Count by 2s, 5s, 10s to 100.


4. NS 1.3 Represent equivalents of the same number.

5. AF 1.1 Write and solve addition and subtraction number sentences.

Congratulations to Brandy and Andres for being our first MobyMax all-stars! Remember to login to MobyMax today.

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