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Art Bot Fun

This is a sample of the little drawing robots I created with very inexpensive items. The students were involved in design and testing and as you can see they had a lot of fun with the little drawing robots. The…
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Some reading apps for emerging readers

4 Useful iPad Apps for Young Readers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Sourced through from: I will try these for my own young readers and recommend to¬†other parents. Do you have any favorites? See also on…
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The TK advantage

A report was just released the describes many of the advantages of Transitional Kindergarten. Find it here: 

New in MobyMax, Early Reading Practice

Attention parents and caregivers, This just came to my inbox this morning and I wanted you to know about it as soon as possible. MobyMax, one of our free online practice programs, just released a new study tool called the…
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Make a puppet play stage of your home

You can make your own finger puppet play stage. We begin a special unit to investigate ways to share our family traditions. In the video below I describe and demonstrate one way to make a simple puppet stage of one…
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