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Learning fun

The materials from our project “Building  a Community of Learners in TK” arrived and are already helping us in a variety of different ways. The family figures are a big hit in our family role-playing center. Students are discussing with each…
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Star TK and K sites

Recommended by Mrs. Esteban. Thanks! Open the page to view the links in click-able form.

Dinosaur tracking

Dinosaur Eggs found Activities Vocabulary analyze – verb – To look at very carefully. paleontologist – noun – A scientist who studies fossils and the past. limestone – noun – A type of rock that often contains fossil prints….
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Unit 3: November 15 to December 17, 2012

Updated November 25, 2012 ELA Decode two syllable and multisyllable words. Word Families | Decoding Games | Syllable Games Understand regular and irregular plurals. Rules | Quiz Game | Irregular Plurals | Plurals Lesson Use knowledge of author’s purpose to comprehend text.  Practice pages | Facts Use quotation marks correctly. Practice game Ask clarifying questions. Math…
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Synonyms and Antonyms

Try this “same and opposite” activity at elearning for kids.


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