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We will begin our Robotics Unit of Study on May 16, 2016 and it will run through June 14, 2016.  We are excited about this unit because students will engage in Project Based Learning activities and Self-Organized Learning Environments that will help them build their social-emotional skills.  Most importantly, it will help them practice and apply  inquiry based skills to the learning of Robotics.  

We welcome all your support throughout this unit.  Here is a list of activities Transitional Kindergarten students will partake in.  Your support would be greatly appreciated. Here is the main page for our Robotics Unit

Robotics Activities:

  • Build a Robot at home project (more details were in a separate letter)
  • Navigating through a Chromebook and Google (with account)

    Our Robot Center is FUN

    Our Robot Center is FUN


Nuestra clase empezará una unidad sobre Robóticas desde el 16 de Mayo hasta el 14 de Junio, 2016.  Los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de participar en varias actividades relacionadas al tema.  También tendrán la oportunidad de trabajar en equipo y desarrollar sus habilidades sociales.  Aquí está la página principal de nuestra Unidad de Robóticas

La siguiente es una lista de las actividades que haremos:

  • Construye tu propio robot en casa (más detalles se encontraban en una carta por separado)
  • Navegar Google con un Chromebook (cuenta de


Muchas gracias por su apoyo continuo.


Here are some resources for our Robotics unit.

Week 1: May 16 – 20, 2016

Guiding Question:  What do you know about the study of robotics?

Video Resources:






Art:  Drawing a Robot


Science and Discovery Area:

Reading Area:

Build a Robot

At Home Project:  

 Build a robot project due Friday 5/20/2016

SOLE: Whole Group – Do robots make better math teachers?

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