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Ready for the first day of school

Today was a huge success. I had a new tradition. Ana and my kids came over to my new classroom to help me move in. I’ve moved into 5 new classrooms in the last five years and my wife has been a huge support in helping me get organized and ready for the students’ first day of school. Here’s a few highlights:

  1. My sister Gayla helped me purchase many of the supplies I needed.
  2. Our library assistant provided me with a great selection of big books and great math manipulatives (much needed).
  3. I have a great team of teachers and we have already had a chance to meet and get going together.
  4.  Just in time our office provided the classroom with some essential supplies.
  5. Our district has now implemented class size reduction in grades K-2 (24:1) and that really helps.
  6. I’ve found two other TK teachers who I can collaborate with plus a ton of specialists via blogs, Pinterest, and Twitter.

I still need a huge amount of support, materials, and special training for TK, but I think I’ll be ready for students come the first day of school.



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