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Puppets help tell the story 

Puppets have found their way into our TK classroom.  Some of our puppets were a donation from a fellow teacher. Some of our puppets are creations of our own. Below are some images of the puppet theater being constructed. I decided to create this first one using a medium moving box so it could be easily set up and taken down and stored when not in use. I’ll post some photos of the theater in use after it gets used.

Puppet play is fun and supports the implementation of the California Common Core standards. Through puppets we can practice language both for fiction and non-fiction. Puppets are also a great way for us to role-play social situations such as conflict resolution and making good choices at school.

The primary focus of our literature in TK is learning to recite, sing, and read nursery rhymes. So, if you have any resources you would like to contribute or recommended, please let me know. Leave a comment below or send me a message (

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