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Preparing for STAR

Our classroom is now preparing for the STAR test. Here’s our Math and ELA target standards. In addition to our classroom activities, lessons, and practice you can use the activities, recommended videos, presentations and more below.


MATH (Unit 1)

NS 1.1 Count, read, and write whole numbers to 1,000 and identify the  place value for each digit.  Numbers up to 100.

NS 1.3 Order and compare whole numbers to 1,000 by using the symbols <, =, >. Numbers up to 100.

NS 2.1 Understand and use the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction (eg., an opposite number sentence for 8+6=14 is 14-6=8) to solve problems and check solutions.  Two digits without regrouping.

NS 2.2  Find the sum or difference of two whole numbers up to three digits long. Two digits with regrouping.

NS 2.2  Find the sum or difference of two whole numbers up to three digits long. Three digits with regrouping.


Complete or Incomplete Sentences


The Magic Key

Math (Unit 4)

MG 2.2 – Put shapes together and take them apart .

NS 3.2 – Use various activities to do division.

MG 2.1 – Describe and classify shapes. (circle, triangle, rectangle, etc.)

Here are some of the terms you should know for unit four.

Multiply, divide, subtract add. Shapes: triangle Square, Circle, hexagon, face, vertex, edge, Solid shapes, sphere, cube, pyramid, cone, cylinder, rectangular prism; Repeated addition, repeated subtraction, Divide into equal groups,


Graphing “Bugs in the System”  | Reading Charts and Graphs |


Recommended Videos


Presentations and More



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