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Our listening center project is funded!

This past August I created a project proposal at Donor’s Choose. On December 31, 2012 I was notified that it was funded!

Here’s the description I wrote:

Our public school system in our urban area has challenged us all with limited resources. The students want to be engaged in a high quality learning environment, but it has been difficult to secure basic items such as furniture, technology and materials. My students have responded well to the focus we have provided in the curriculum on specific reading, writing and language development standards. The activities are engaging, with at least an hour per day in language arts learning centers. The district and school have provided a good amount of books and learning activities but some of the basic materials have been underfunded.
The intervention guide and listening center I have requested will help us greatly by ensuring that there is a place and process in place. The students will have a listening center to visit daily and read engaging stories that are targeted at their current reading level. They will get to practice reading from the National Vocabulary List with audio support. As the teacher, I record extra audio for fiction, non-fiction and the word lists that they need to practice with.

While students are engaged in the listening center in their group, other groups are working in the writing center, the language arts center and in the teacher guided-reading center. The intervention guide is needed in order to make sure I have engaging activities that meet the needs of all of the students. We are under a mandate to meet the needs of all of the students, regardless of their language level, school experience or academic levels.

Our students should not have a second rate learning environment or program just because they live in an inner city area. This project will expand beyond my classroom and support the school and district’s goals. I will be able to share the intervention strategies and listening center with other teachers.  I also have a teacher blog where I share strategies to encourage other teachers.

Listening Center Table for our mini-grant

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