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Photo of the science kit (from Scholastic)

Today I wished I had a video camera rolling. We had one of those not-to-be-forgotten teachable moments that every teacher wishes for. I opened the “Plants Grow!” science unit with a whole-class activity. We had a kit similar to the one pictured thanks to a friendly donor.

The students all gathered around as I stepped through the process of planting some seeds. We planted radish, carrot, and onion seeds in the little root-view science investigation stand. As we progressed through the lesson I had to ask the eager little scientists to take turns in coming up to view a little closer. Now I hope we are able to see the seeds germinate so we are not disappointed!

This next week we’ll be doing some hands-on investigation into pumpkins and making some connections to other fruits we are familiar with. We also will begin our “Harvest of the Month” program complete with some taste-testing. More on this unit as we make progress.

Update from 11-4-2015

As you can see from the photos we have some strawberries and some kale growing.  I have to report that our initial seeds did not germinate. So, I went to Home Depot and found some sturdy plants we could enjoy. We’ve been collecting seem related books and writing one of her own on our favorite plants. Fruits and vegetables of all kinds that are known and new. We’ve dissected pumpkins and tasted toasted seeds. I found some stuffed veggies at IKEA that I’ve been a good addition to our table.  

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