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Family study center

Photo of the family center table
wider view of the family center
I am just in the beginning stages of setup for our new family study center for social studies. We will have an engaging space to learn about families. Some of the areas of inquiry include:

  1. Who is in my family?
  2. Who is the oldest? Who is the youngest?
  3. What does my family like to do?
  4. How are our families different than other families around the world?
  5. What kinds of challenges do families have?

We hope to have:

  • Photos from families and media about families.
  • Video on diverse families.
  • Stories for read-aloud, listening center, for class lessons, and our library center.
  • Puppets and figures for role playing and story telling.
  • Family posters are due Friday, September 25, 2015
    • Post 4 – 5 photos of your family on a white posterboard.
    • Add hand-written or printed lables for names and short descriptions
    • Students bring in to share with the class and add to our family center.

Thank you parents and if you have an questions, please let me know.

Mr. Schwanz

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