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How do robots help people

Robotics Unit, Week 3 This week we will take a special look at the big question, “How do robots help people?” How do they help people with disabilities? How do they help with very difficult jobs? Can they do jobs…
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Resources for robotics

We will begin our Robotics Unit of Study on May 16, 2016 and it will run through June 14, 2016.  We are excited about this unit because students will engage in Project Based Learning activities and Self-Organized Learning Environments that…
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100th day

For February 10, 2016 (the 100th day of school) we will be bringing and sharing objects that will help us show how much a hundred is. Please bring your object to share by this Friday, February 5, 2016. Use your…
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Common Sense

A8: Talk to kids early about their digital footprints. Make it concrete with our new video. #ToolkitTalk – — Common Sense Edu (@CommonSenseEdu) October 20, 2015

Going for the gold

  With the conviction that our students deserve the best, I am enthused to implement materials that arrived today from my recent campaign. I am interested in ideas for the next thing. I am thinking about raising funds for a…
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Let’s go play outside!

  This article called “Active Play” by the Office of Head Start has some good ideas for parents. When it comes to play,  not all activities are equal. Research is finding that screentime (time in front of a computer, laptop,…
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Teacher appreciation week

I have received numerous crafts flowers and “awards” from my students this week. Causes me to give thanks for the best job ever.       

Quickly, Quietly, Queen Quetzal Questions

Dear Parents, We will study the letter Q as we begin the first week of our final quarter. Here are a few announcements: Our TK class will perform the Dance “La Raspa” for the Cinco de Mayo Hispanic Heritage event on Friday…
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Are you ready for the CVC challenge?

Try these activities online to see how well you read consonant-vowel-consonant words (CVC). Find more here: We all love StarFall:

Welcome back

Here’s a little game to help us review beginning sounds. Please note “Sound Match” requires Flash Player and won’t work on an Apple device. We’re learning to read the clock. Here’s a little game to help you put the…
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