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Science Fair 2017

Here’s some resources to start | He aquí algunos recursos para iniciar Here’s a few ideas I found from a parent. Click here for some ideas from my sample videos

Make your own game!

I am excited to introduce programming with ScratchJr this week as part of our robotics unit. Learn more about the program here: It is available as an Android, Chrome, iTunes, or Amazon app. Learning how to code is the new literacy and…
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Robot Project Click here for resources for the week of May 16-20. Parents it’s time for a fun project! Your child is to design and build a robot answering the question: “What could a robot do?” Plan to help them…
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Music Rocks!

The science of music We are moving into a special unit on the science of music. Students will have many opportunities to explore what makes sound and music. We’ll be engaged in making our own instruments, in literature that shows…
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Bears in a boat

Our recent science project was a hands-on exploration of buoyancy and the properties of boats that make it possible to hold objects. Students had a great time experimenting with squares of foil paper in different configurations and then counting the…
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Try an easy rocket launch

Science Fair

If you are interested in participating in the Science Fair this year projects are due Feb. 3, 2016. Parents, here’s the information you need. Click here. Here is a longer planning guide.  Here’s a template for the display. Si usted…
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Some cool online resources

Here are some cool sites I found while in a special training today: Try the virtual volcano explorer. It’s easy to build your own interactive volcano! Experiment with conditions that create a tornado. How about having access to thousands of…
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January News

·         Parent meeting January 20, 2016 at 2:15 in MPR * Cita de padres el 20 de enero 2016 en la cafeteria. ·         Martin Luther King Day – No School on Jan. 18 * Dia de Martin Luther King – No…
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