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Make your own game!

I am excited to introduce programming with ScratchJr this week as part of our robotics unit. Learn more about the program here: It is available as an Android, Chrome, iTunes, or Amazon app. Learning how to code is the new literacy and…
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Some reading apps for emerging readers

4 Useful iPad Apps for Young Readers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Sourced through from: I will try these for my own young readers and recommend to other parents. Do you have any favorites? See also on…
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Easy Easel Writing

I searched for an easy easel project on Pinterest and found this one. I thought we could really benefit by having table-top easels to make our writing center come alive. We’ll use them for some art projects too.    Once…
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New in MobyMax, Early Reading Practice

Attention parents and caregivers, This just came to my inbox this morning and I wanted you to know about it as soon as possible. MobyMax, one of our free online practice programs, just released a new study tool called the…
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The Rainbow Connection Sourced through from: I stumbled upon the renewed Reading Rainbow program. With millions of $ in Kickstarter they are pushing out to Title 1 schools, letting educators “try for free” and linking parents in with complimentary access….
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Make a shadow theater story

Learn your words here!

Here’s a copy of our special word list for TK. It was created by our friend Mrs. Esteban. Thanks! To request a copy of the CD created by Ms. Jones, please let Mr. Schwanz know. TransitionalKindergartenHFWords_practice_set2.docx Ms. Jones teaches TK…
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Have time to practice handwriting?

Try this app, It’s great for PreK, TK, or first graders.      

A few resources for parents ~ Pocos recursos para padres

Here are a few resources I found in response to some of the parent requests in conferences this week. This is a work in progress so let me know if you have any to recommend.  ~ Aquí hay algunos recursos que…
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