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A board meeting

I have been experimenting with different kids of display boards since I started doing TK TinkerSpace last summer. It has been more interesting than I thought it would be. I started making frames of different types and sizes because I…
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Are we looking at screen addiction?

‘Irresistible’ by design: Why you can’t stop looking at the screen | @scoopit — J. Mark Schwanz (@GPAEdTech) March 22, 2017

Let’s get coding

This video is in line with the goal of our #icancode iPad initiative.  

Summer blaze

Who said summer break is supposed to be a time of rest? I’m thankful for a number of opportunities I’ve had to grow and stretch this summer. enrolled in more courses towards my certificate in Early Childhood Education to help…
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Happy Tech-holidays

Our district is having the first annual tech fair this coming week. It will be held December 16 at Firebaugh High School. More info here:    

Which game do you like?

Parents, take advantage of Digital Citizenship Week and try one of the great games at Funbrain with your son or daughter.

The Rainbow Connection Sourced through from: I stumbled upon the renewed Reading Rainbow program. With millions of $ in Kickstarter they are pushing out to Title 1 schools, letting educators “try for free” and linking parents in with complimentary access….
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Type without typing

Give your fingers a break! Now you can type using your voice in Google Docs, and it’s completely free. Not only that, but the software really works well. You can try it for yourself… Sourced through from: I…
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What apps do you recommend?

 With hundreds of choices for Android  and iPhone-iPad apps parents and caregivers can become overwhelmed. I’m a parent myself and want to make sure ‘screentime’ for my little ones is focusing on the right skills. For 4-5 year olds I…
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Star TK and K sites

Recommended by Mrs. Esteban. Thanks! Open the page to view the links in click-able form.


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