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These themes help guide our TK curriculum through the year.

It’s a baby care center

The baby care center, a themed area of dramatic play in my TK classroom, provides an opportunity for directed and free-choice play to develop. It has been a week or so for me to test out some of these activities and…
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Art Bot Fun

This is a sample of the little drawing robots I created with very inexpensive items. The students were involved in design and testing and as you can see they had a lot of fun with the little drawing robots. The…
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Make your own game!

I am excited to introduce programming with ScratchJr this week as part of our robotics unit. Learn more about the program here: It is available as an Android, Chrome, iTunes, or Amazon app. Learning how to code is the new literacy and…
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Let’s Go

Our transportation center was a ton of fun. Cars were buzzing down the roads and we even had some fun designing different types of city environments.   

Music Rocks!

The science of music We are moving into a special unit on the science of music. Students will have many opportunities to explore what makes sound and music. We’ll be engaged in making our own instruments, in literature that shows…
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Bears in a boat

Our recent science project was a hands-on exploration of buoyancy and the properties of boats that make it possible to hold objects. Students had a great time experimenting with squares of foil paper in different configurations and then counting the…
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Science Fun

We have a science fair coming up. Projects for our school are due by beginning of February. The general information letter is below. As part of our special Science Fair unit I am launching a special unit on computers. This includes…
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Plan it, Build it, Share it: Blocks and TK.

My students need a basic block set to increase the quality of constructive play and an appropriate storage cabinet to help them manage the materials. Please visit my project page at Thanks! J. Mark Schwanz  

A preview into our new physical science unit

Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Sourced through from: See on – Transitional Kindergarten

Make a puppet play stage of your home

You can make your own finger puppet play stage. We begin a special unit to investigate ways to share our family traditions. In the video below I describe and demonstrate one way to make a simple puppet stage of one…
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