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English Language Development

It’s a baby care center

The baby care center, a themed area of dramatic play in my TK classroom, provides an opportunity for directed and free-choice play to develop. It has been a week or so for me to test out some of these activities and…
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Family Collage | Collage de familia

Our Unit in Families for ELD is ending.  Our students will be required to complete a project to show the dynamics of their family in comparison to those we have been reading about.  We understand that families are a very…
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Triple play

We are in countdown time for our STAR testing. This week we will have a triple focus: 1. ELA review 2. Math review 3. Successful scholar habits: Writing and role playing STAR PREP: 1. Goal Setting Chart 2. Parent letter…
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Unit 5 Alive

First activity focus: compound words

Learn to use quotes and make writing fun.

Explore this lesson from New York State Elementary and on using quotation marks. Try the practice sentences. Are you ready to practice writing dialogue?  Here’s a few ways to try it: 1. Comic Creator. 2.  Ask some of your family questions…
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Math vocabulary for unit 3

Unit 3 Math Word Bank Grade 2 largest biggest subtract difference recorded most often process of elimination dime quarter penny lowest highest degree 25° tally marks skip count graph key

Coin language

Intro to Coins Interactive Powerpoint from revordm

Unit 2

ELA 1. HFW builder 2. Comma use presentation 3. save the comma 4. Comma practice challenge worksheet 5. Practice “Main idea and details” with “What’s my job?” Math 1. Place value shifter 2. Place value pass 3. Place value race…
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ALD quiz quiz 1


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