The power of few concerned individuals

A couple of years ago we had a crazy idea. (The “we” is me along with fellow members of my church.) We began wondering if we were ready to take on an at-home mission. Well, I am so glad to announce, a new site launching today to help tell their story and raise funds… Continue reading

Pallet Paradise

Here we go On the first day of summer, Jonathan and Connor and I went over to a local business where we picked up a van full of pallet wood. Our friend (Joe) there has set aside some special pieces of blue pine and we were able to get some pallets to get us started… Continue reading

Interactive, digital learning amplified

I’ve had a fair amount of time to develop my TK teaching chops in Transitional Kindergarten. This is my fourth year and along the way I’ve learned from authors, early childhood courses, conferences, my collaborative team in my district, and simple professional practice. One thing I knew in the beginning was that I needed to… Continue reading