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Summer blaze

Who said summer break is supposed to be a time of rest? I’m thankful for a number of opportunities I’ve had to grow and stretch this summer. enrolled in more courses towards my certificate in Early Childhood Education to help…
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A new space for tinkering

Introducing TK TinkerSpace My new Etsy store TK TinkerSpace has been a the result of a new idea on an old theme. For me it is the convergence of various streams in my life. When I was growing up my…
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Art Bot Fun

This is a sample of the little drawing robots I created with very inexpensive items. The students were involved in design and testing and as you can see they had a lot of fun with the little drawing robots. The…
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Hex Nano Bots

These little HEXbug nano robots are tons of fun! I built a simple course for them with PVC that I cut in half. This center was under $30 and very engaging.

How do robots help people

Robotics Unit, Week 3 This week we will take a special look at the big question, “How do robots help people?” How do they help people with disabilities? How do they help with very difficult jobs? Can they do jobs…
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Make your own game!

I am excited to introduce programming with ScratchJr this week as part of our robotics unit. Learn more about the program here: It is available as an Android, Chrome, iTunes, or Amazon app. Learning how to code is the new literacy and…
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Resources for robotics

We will begin our Robotics Unit of Study on May 16, 2016 and it will run through June 14, 2016.  We are excited about this unit because students will engage in Project Based Learning activities and Self-Organized Learning Environments that…
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Robot Project Click here for resources for the week of May 16-20. Parents it’s time for a fun project! Your child is to design and build a robot answering the question: “What could a robot do?” Plan to help them…
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A fun way to practice the HFW

Here’s a new one I found today. Please note, I can’t control the content of outside links and young people should always have a responsible adult around when they are using YouTube or other internet resources.  

TK Techies

ABC Mousing Around


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