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Hello TK families. During the next few weeks we will be engaged in a special study of solid shapes. Students will be learning about 3 dimensional (3D) shapes like: sphere, cube, rectangular prism, pyramid, and cone. We are also engaged on a special unit called “Let’s go” where we learn about different kinds of transportation. In order to gain more practical experience and to use the academic language at home I would like each student to do the following project with a parent or other responsible adult.

1. Select a shape. Pick one of the 3D shapes to look for in your house, neighborhood, park, or store.

2. After you have gone with someone to find the shape at least one of these places it may help you to take a picture of it.

3. Find a smaller object that is the same shape with which you can make a model of your shape. For example, if your real object is a soccer ball, then find a plastic ball you can use for your model.

4. Finally, use your creativity to make your 3D shape model. You might use paper mache, cardboard and tape, modeling clay or other craft materials to make your shape model. Label your shape with your name and the object’s name. If it is a building, then what is the building’s name. If the object is from a park, what is the name of the park?

5. We will begin to share the projects in class as soon as you bring them and are due no later than Monday, February 22, 2016.

6. Students may use the building shapes in our “Let’s Go” transportation center. In class we will build a miniature city. I have taken some clues from a post called, “Build a box city” on 

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Note: always use the internet and YouTube with a responsible adult.

In K.G.5 students are asked to model shapes in the world with various components. Here we demonstrate finding 3D shapes followed by modeling a corresponding object. Further, we demonstrate how the adult learning coaches can assist the younger learners in the problem solving process.

Here are some photos from student projects in a previous year.

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