I’ve had a fair amount of time to develop my TK teaching chops in Transitional Kindergarten. This is my fourth year and along the way I’ve learned from authors, early childhood courses, conferences, my collaborative team in my district, and simple professional practice.

One thing I knew in the beginning was that I needed to have a better way for the students to interact with digital content. While the school has provided a digital projector, it has become a bit “used” (8 years +)  and a bit of a distraction. When it does work with my devices then I have other problems that interrupt learning: brightness, audio goes out, students are in the way or distracted by it (as it is on a cart).

I decided the time was right to put out an interactive digital projector and mount proposal on DonorsChoose.org. Please take a look and give what you can. Share it out to all you can and let’s see if we can make this work. Bring these young learners into the 21st century.

Here’s the link to my proposal Interactive TK Media on DonorsChoose.org

Here’s a brief video showing the system.


Fun! Now we are funded. TK Featured in new video

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