A recent buzz in education is all about room environment. Our District TK team has been having some focused discussion on these concepts and how they affect our program. I’m listing some of the resources we are using as links below. One thing is sure: we already have some careful planning and preparations to our room environment.

And, note the cool infographic below.



There is a natural connection between flexible spaces and planning for 21st century learning environments (another recent ed-buzz). Here’s one resource I came across when planning a 21st century classroom for my school: Great Prarie http://classroom21c.weebly.com/

I think the key in this kind of planning and theorizing is flexibility. The room environments our students work in need to allow for dynamic integration of technology tools. The “four c’s” are: Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity.

So, as I work towards a plan to reframe my TK environment and set up a dynamic 21st century classroom in my school I welcome any ideas and resources you may recommend.

Thanks, Mark



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