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Lately I have been on the watch for the perfect combination of time, resources and a need in my classroom. About a week ago I happened upon a great idea. I needed new boxes for my student desks. The ones I had been using were from the beginning of the school year and it was time for something new. I needed something durable, accessible for TK little people, and options for customization like names, numbers, and alphabet characters.

I already had all the wood I needed on hand in my shop. Recently a few sheets of 1/8 inch plywood came to me and I had some new pine boards and some good quality pallet wood pieces. My wife Ana suggested the black chalk-paint for the sides, so that the names could be added. Originally I thought I would make one box for each child but settled for one per group and one for the teacher table. After seeing how useful they were I went ahead and make one box for each student and had them customize their own box to take home for a writing area.

I am planning to create a few more examples and to list them in my Etsy markeplace store. Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or want to place an order. Because I’m convinced these are so useful I am taking orders. Here is the official Etsy item and I’m open to other possibilities. 





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