This is a story of simple addition and multiplication, and thankful hearts. I have mentioned before that I have a friend who works for a local manufacturer. Recently, after meeting with their warehouse supervisor sharing my story, he has basically opened the door for me to have access to pallet wood, of varying origin, age, quality and size for free or low cost. What a gift! For a maker, this is a very good situation. All I needed was time and a little inspiration.

Some friends from Portland, Oregon recently came to do some work on our properties. One of the projects they undertook was a renovation of our indoor/outdoor living room space we call Shadowfax. With new walls, a roof, furniture, lighting, and surround sound we needed some rustic looking coffee tables to provide storage…and a foot rest. I looked at the remaining set of pallet wood and made the connection. With a little time available during Thanksgiving week, plus some help from some of the young men in our community we were able to enjoy the new Thanksgiving chests for the holiday.

As I sat in Shadowfax with some of our guests I heard various comments. “These are by far your best pieces yet.” “Nice work.” Here’s the sweet spot for a maker:  tinkering results in personal and mutual appreciation. For me, it is an awesome thing when our creative efforts to provide for hospitality aligns with God’s purpose of community.

Puppeting class act Crafty TK Learning Space

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