The TK students kept bringing an interest they had to my attention. It came in different ways. I had suggestions, “My mom likes when I make cards.” There were questions like, “What craft are we doing next?” and “Can we use the markers again?”

I had an “aha” moment when I realized I could set up a craft center in the dramatic play area when I saw the students were ready to be given semi-independent activities, provided they had carefully designed sets of material and that the scope of the projects would be limited to 1 to 2 objectives to cover about 15 minutes. Because of the flexibility built in to our TK instructional design, I realized too, that some of the projects they begin in a center time, could be extended to other times, provided it fits in to the model of differentiation and I could relate it to one or more of their academic goals.

Enough teacher-speak. I am just about ready to launch the new TK craft center this next week. Here’s some of the project themes I’m thinking about.

  • Veteran’s Day flag art
  • Thanksgiving turkeys with vocabulary link to the parts of the animals
  • Holiday paper weaving
  • Paper recycling (STEM connection)
  • Cards for friends and family

Your ideas and input are appreciated. Leave a comment in the comment section below, in my Twitter feed (handle is @gpaedtech), via my FB group TKTinkerSpace or reach me via my work email:


Thanksgiving Chests A big little box

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