I recently had a pallet of clean blue pine lumber donated to me. I thought it would be nice to make something to use in the classroom and that this wood would be perfect because it has good natural color, is sturdy and light.

I got to thinking about what I could make that would be the most useful. Shelves? Name plates? Then, the idea came to me that it would be excellent to have sturdy wood boxes to put plastic supply boxes into. Lakeshore makes these colorful boxes that can be used on their own or incorporated into other classroom items. So, when I had some time this past weekend I started drawing and planning and then sawing, nailing, sanding, and finishing.

I originally thought I would make one box for each center but then realized I would just make one to be a prototype to see how it would work. The design changed a few times, for the better. I didn’t have the plastic box with me so I had to use the measurements for the box from the Lakeshore online marketplace, and then hope it fit just right when I got it to the classroom this morning.

Now that I see it in place I think I can afford to make a box a little bit smaller and that’ll be more useful and not as bulky. I’m wondering if I make it fit somewhat more snug then the supply box will not be taken out by the students. They like the feel of the wood and are naturally curious about what it looks like inside.

Crafty TK Learning Space Thank you Maker Ed

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