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Monthly Archive: April 2017

A board meeting

I have been experimenting with different kids of display boards since I started doing TK TinkerSpace last summer. It has been more interesting than I thought it would be. I started making frames of different types and sizes because I…
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Toddler tech

This article ventures into the findings of some recent research into 6 – 36 month old children using touchscreen devices.  The only benefits listed by proponents seem to be: Cognitive development Fine motor skills To keep them occupied Compare this list…
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Science Fair 2017

Here’s some resources to start | He aquí algunos recursos para iniciar Here’s a few ideas I found from a parent. Click here for some ideas from my sample videos

A new home for Dash and Dot

Dash and Dot’s new home in our #icancode #tk classroom. @LynwoodUSD @LUSDidea2 — J. Mark Schwanz (@GPAEdTech) April 6, 2017


Project-Based Learning: Taking Students to a Deeper Level | Getting Smart

EdTech proponent

8 Ways Technology Can Improve Education


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