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Monthly Archive: May 2014

Comparing numbers

We are reviewing this important math standard in Unit 9. Remember to always use the internet with a responsible adult. We can’t control the content of links outside our blog.

Make a Worm House

For a fun and inexpensive home-science project try to build a worm house. Your young ones will love it.

Famous Americans

This special unit in Social Studies looks at some of our most famous Americans.   COMMON CORE STANDARDS ELACC1W8: ELACC1W8: ELACC1W8: ELACC1W8: With guidance and support from adults, recall information from ¬†experiences or gather information from provided sources to answer…
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Learn with Worms

We are working on writing storyboards for videos. Our videos will be like this one below on how to build a home for worms. Remember to always use the internet with a responsible grown-up. We can’t guarantee the content of…
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Subtaction of two-digit numbers

Without regrouping With regrouping It’s a Rap


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