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Monthly Archive: November 2013

Family Collage | Collage de familia

Our Unit in Families for ELD is ending.  Our students will be required to complete a project to show the dynamics of their family in comparison to those we have been reading about.  We understand that families are a very…
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Resources that make the grade

We have parent-teacher conferences this week. I am suggesting that parents subscribe to our blog ( to get updates on resources and announcements. Here are a few: This article in the NY Times recommends some good math apps. Our family…
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Writing and the Common Core

This article for parents helps explain the writing process in first grade.

MobyMax information for parents | Información MobyMax para los padres

    Dear Parent, I am pleased to implement a new, free, web-based curriculum called MobyMax in our classroom.  MobyMax is tailored to your child’s individual needs, and I think you will be very impressed by how fast your child…
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