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Monthly Archive: October 2013

Report support

    Cool coloring pages and fact summaries What would your report be like in video? Ms. Finch’s students recorded some. Thanks Ms. Finch for sharing.  

Animal reports

For Unit 2 we have an animal report project. Here are a few sample reports on animals we have asked questions about in our classroom. Animal reports are due this Friday, November 15. Summary available here. En la Unidad 2…
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A few resources for sight word practice

Here’s a few websites: Make a Word | I Can Read | PP Word List | P List | 1st | 2nd  A few apps: HFW App (iTunes) Sight Word Flash Cards (iTunes)   If you have suggestions, please let Mr. Schwanz know.

Help for HFW practice

Help with Fry words to 1,000: Fry words in PPT format for download: Dolch preprimer word list   You can find many examples of word lists on YouTube: (always use the internet and YouTube with a responsible adult).  

Use a “ten-frame” to help learn addition facts

We use ten frames in class and you can use them at home too. Here’s a video that explains how they can be used: Use the Glencoe Virtual Manipulatives if you need free tools. M. Schwanz

Cool tool

We used the freeware math manipulatives provided by McGraw Hill today and the students loved the hands-on digital tools they have. It’s consistently an easy-to-use resource. They can support classroom instruction and group or independent study.

Proper Nouns

Note: Always use the Internet and YouTube with a responsible adult. We are not responsible for content outside of our blog and can’t control the content of YouTube advertisements.


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