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Monthly Archive: April 2013

Pencil tech

Today we had a lesson in the limited resources we have and the status of our technology. We were preparing for our star test and trying to sharpen pencils. I have noticed for a while now that pencils that I…
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What is courage?

Courage is when you are not afraid. You have to be brave when you see something scary. Frog and Toad were not scared when the hawk and the snake came by. They were not afraid of the avalanche. Maya Angelou…
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We don’t guess!

We are the Second Grade and we don’t guess! We use our knowledge to ace the test. We aim high and we don’t sigh because we all try, try try! Sound off (sound off) One, two (one, two) (all) One,…
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Reference Materials Powerpoint from Bedford High School

Write a letter

What would you say to a second grader if you were a professional athlete? If you are a second grader, what questions do you have for the professional of your choice? Write a letter that we can send to someone…
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Triple play

We are in countdown time for our STAR testing. This week we will have a triple focus: 1. ELA review 2. Math review 3. Successful scholar habits: Writing and role playing STAR PREP: 1. Goal Setting Chart 2. Parent letter…
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Vocabulary test prep


Map Masters

Map Making Standards I can demonstrate map skills by describing the absolute and relative locations of people, places, and environments. 1. Locate on a simple letter-number grid system the specific locations and geographic features in their neighborhood or community (e.g.,…
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