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Celebrate Dr. Seuss with a gooey goo. Oobleck

Unit 5 Staying on Topic

This week we’ll focus on RC 3.1 and RW 1.1 in ELA. We’ll be busy working on our dinosaur investigation. This is SPIRIT WEEK and Literacy Night on Wednesday. Source: via Cheryl on Pinterest   Compare and Contrast (RC…
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Dino creation week

In our study of fossils and dinosaurs we will get hands on this week. We finished making our fossils last week so now we will focus on creating our very own dinosaur model. Here’s some items we will need students…
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Unit 5 Alive

First activity focus: compound words

Take the challenge

Ever heard of Nanoogo? Check out this cool writing contest!

Dig in to the Core (Common Core)

Teachers, dig in to the new standards with CDE’s Brokers of Expertise training modules.

ALD math unit 4

Here are some of the terms you should know for unit four. Multiply, divide, subtract add Shapes: triangle Square, Circle, hexagon, face, vertex, edge, Solid shapes, sphere, cube, pyramid, cone, cylinder, rectangular prism Repeated addition, repeated subtraction, Divide into equal…
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Digital connections

The other day I was talking with a student about her use of tenmarks .com. This math program provides free online practice on our target standards. A number of our students take advantage of it at home. She said that…
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