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Math vocabulary for unit 3

Unit 3 Math Word Bank Grade 2 largest biggest subtract difference recorded most often process of elimination dime quarter penny lowest highest degree 25° tally marks skip count graph key

Holiday performance

Check out this video on YouTube:

Coin language

Intro to Coins Interactive Powerpoint from revordm

Family holiday event @ the Printing Museum

Visit the announcement here.

Unit 3: November 15 to December 17, 2012

Updated November 25, 2012 ELA Decode two syllable and multisyllable words. Word Families | Decoding Games | Syllable Games Understand regular and irregular plurals. Rules | Quiz Game | Irregular Plurals | Plurals Lesson Use knowledge of author’s purpose to comprehend text.  Practice pages | Facts Use quotation marks correctly. Practice game Ask clarifying questions. Math…
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  Dear Parent, I am happy to inform you that we will be using a new online supplemental math program – TenMarks, which will provide students with additional math practice. TenMarks is an online program that enables students to practice…
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Cast your vote on a poll How does the presidential vote work?

Unit 2 Review

The Unit 2 tests are November 11 and 12.   ELA 1. HFW builder 2. Comma use presentation 3. save the comma 4. Comma practice challenge worksheet 5. Practice “Main idea and details” with “What’s my job?” Math Place value mini-lesson with practice Puzzler @…
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